How To burn Body Fat Hour By Hour

I’m going to describe some ideas I’ve used personally to lose 80 pounds.




I was not always overweight. In fact, up until about age 30 I was pretty lean. As with most people,  as age set in, a high stress job, poor eating habits and a plethora of “fat building” complications, saw my weight go as high as 300 pounds. Way too much weight for a guy who weighed in at 180 in high school. At 6’3″ tall, 180 looks thin. At 300 … I looked like a bowling pin.

Oer time, carrying around that much weight has it’s complications. I was never one for how to lose weight information, diet plans of the like. In fact, it was not until hearing some devastating news that I even sought to lose weight. I had a regularly scheduled Dr visit. I had only one physical complaint. I was having to get up 3 or 4 times at night to wee. I thought it might be my prostate. Here I was sitting in the Dr’s office, the blood work in his hand …  He looked at the new blood work. Then he rummaged through copies of the old work in my chart  “Hmmmmm, you have …..”  Oh no I thought, I have something wrong with my prostate!

“You have full blown diabetes” he said … and he went on to show me the scores on the various blood glucose tests. Especially high was the “high water mark” indicator A1C.

He went on to ask about any symptoms I might have had. I told him of the excessive urination. And of course, he concluded it to be directly related to high blood sugar.

He did then say my PSA was normal but of course then prescribed Metaformin to help control the blood glucose.

Now, I really dislike modern “medicine”. They teach Dr’s to diagnose illnesses then prescribe drugs to control the symptoms. Rarely do they even seem to care about the causes. Of course, in my case the causes were obvious. Lack of exercise, poor eating habits and high stress ( cortisol )

So, I decided to do something about it.

I started with a cleanse. You know the type of cleanse product sold in the stores “7 day cleanse” or “de-tox” as they are called. I suffered from sluggishness and if you do not have the energy and do not feel like exercising, nothing is really going to help.

Then, I decided to cut out carbs all together, at least for a month.

I ate veggies, and protein. I would have a salad and unsweetened tea.

I then began to WALK. At first about a half hour a day. Then, as much as 2 hours a day. I had to get moving or suffer the consequences.

In just under a year, I lost 80 pounds.

After about a month of watching carb intake I eased up a bit. But this time, if I had carbs, I would walk so that my body was demanding calories AS the blood glucose level rose, about a half hour AFTER eating. I made it a point to WALK after a meal.

And that’s how I lost 80 pounds.